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Using Rails Application Templates

A lot of my Rails apps start out the same way. Generate the app - generate or create a welcome controller - create a view - set up routes - set up controller actions - set up Devise or another authentication gem - bundle - git init - you get the point.

DiscCaddy - My Foray Into AngularJS on Rails

When setting out to build my final project for the Flatiron School, I knew I wanted to make something different. I actually started multiple projects, but didn’t like where they were headed. I finally came up with an idea that resonated with me.

A Promise is a Promise

A JavaScript Promise is an object that represents the eventual result of an asynchronous operation. This means you won’t have immediate access to the result, rather you have to wait until the Promise has been settled. It will return either a resolved value, or a reason why it couldn’t be resolved.

Adding jQuery and AJAX features to a Rails site

In my Rails app, FilmSpot, a user can browse through movies and give them a rating, thus keeping track of which movies they’ve seen. The problem was that each step of the process required an entire page reload, and this caused the UI/UX to feel quite clunky.

Rails g BlogPost

FilmSpot is a simple web app to keep track of movies you’ve watched, and whether you liked them. I watch a ton of movies, to the point that it’s hard to remember everything I’ve seen, much less my thoughts on all of them. Thus, FilmSpot was born.